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Thursday, November 29, 2007

What's your areas Drive Score?

There is a huge amount of irony attached to today's post. I reported back on August 2 about a site - that will analyze any address and tell you what you can walk to from there and then assign a walkability score to that area. It's a nice way to find out something important about an area that you may be considering.

I suppose that it was inevitable that there is also a place that will give you a drive score for an area - both a rating and a list of business and other places that you can easily drive to from a specified address. That is a valuable service too, when considering a new location. The irony is that this mash-up site (it combines Google Maps with other code to give your the result) is sponsored by, and on a site, that is run for unrepresented sellers and is called the URL for the drive score application is

Obviously the irony did not escape me, a full-time Realtor; however, you take it where you can find it and this appears to be an interesting application. I'm not sure just how good it is, but it's better than nothing and will give you some idea of what's around, if you aren't familiar with the area.

So go there to find out what yo can drive too and to the walkscore site to find out what you can walk to; and then, walk or drive to your nearest local Realtor (me if it's in the southeastern Michigan area) and ask them to help you find a home. If you are an unrepresented seller, use this service to find the nearest Realtor and get the help you need in this market.

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