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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The coulda,woulda,shoulda's...

Did you ever have a bad case of the coulda, woulda, shoulda’s? You know that feeling. “Gee, I coulda done that. I wish I woulda done that. I guess I shoulda done that!” I have that every now and then when I think back on the fact that I was there, in the thick of things, selling the first PC computers when Microsoft was born. I could see early on that they were winning the PC operating system battle. Did I buy Microsoft stock back then? NO! It’s my major coulda, woulda, shoulda moment.

We are in the midst of what may become lots of people’s coulda, woulda, shoulda moment – the time that they will look back on and say, "why didn’t I buy a house when the prices were so good? I coulda and I woulda and I certainly shoulda done it."

Don’t let the current housing moment pass you by, if you are in a position to buy your first house or to make that move up to a bigger house. Now is the time to jump in and look around. There are some great bargains out there right now. Houses that were in the $300,000’s last year are now selling in the mid $200,000’s. And for the mid to high $100,000’s you can get houses that would have been your first move-up house in the $200,000’s. It’s just crazy out there right now and you can take advantage of it, if you’re a buyer.

And, if you’re a seller, trying to wait it out is not a very good strategy, especially if you really have to move for job or family reasons. Every month that you wait is another month of lost money into a house payment and a delay in getting on with life and maybe finding your dream house at a great price, too. Don't be saying - “Gee, maybe I shoulda put my house up and it coulda sold, so that I woulda been able to move on.”

Life’s to short to be looking back in regret with a bad case of the could, woulda shoulda’s. It gives me a case of the "willies" – will they list and sell it or not - just thinking about it. But, pardon me, I've got to paste some more stock certificates from Digital Research on the bathroom wall. Send me an email if you figure that one out.

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