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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let the games begin...

No, I don't mean the Winter Olympics games; although I'm sure those will be entertaining to watch, too. What I was referring to are the political games - the mean season - that comes with political elections every few years. The opening shots have been fired and now the fun (or ugly carnage, whichever you prefer) is underway. The Mike Cox campaigned kicked off the first round of dirty ads by sliming every fellow Republican candidate that they could find, albeit without the knowledge of Mike himself, who is pure as the driven snow on the whole matter.

Admittedly Mike's ad was somewhat in response to that of candidate Rick Snyder, aka. "the Nerd", who kicked things off during the Superbowl by painting everyone else into a political corner with Kwame Kilpatrick, not that they probably don't deserve it, but it just pissed them off.

If you thought reality TV shows such as Survivor or Roommates had drama and back-stabbing and double-dealing and muck-racking; you ain't seen nothing until you get the on-going reality show that is politics in Michigan during a major election year.

Rick managed to tick off not only all of his Republican opponents for the office, but the current office holder Jennifer "Happy Talk" Granholm, who immediately responded with a call for tax hikes.

So far the Democrats have not fielded a strong candidate to replace the current Governor Smiley Face; however, most are happy that her prediction that someone was going to get blown away turned out to be her.

Yesterday The Detroit Free Press reported that Bob Bowman , the Treasurer under the Blanchard administration, is considering a run for governor on the Democratic ticket. Bowman now lives and works in Connecticut, but has a summer place in Harbor Springs, MI. I think that would be great. Maybe having a part-time governor would be the first positive step towards also having a part-time legislature and then we could get rid of the career slimeballs who inhabit Lansing for most of the year. Bowman could jet in to his summer place during the summer months, sign a few bills and be gone before we tired of his happy talk.

If it doesn't work out that Bowman runs, then the Dem's need to find themselves a Nerd, too. How refreshingly boring would that be, to have two candidates more focused upon the real issues that on sliming each other? But that's not likely to happen as long as we have two political parties more interested in mud wrestling than problem solving. I'm already envisioning the candidates out on the campaign trail..

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