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Friday, March 26, 2010

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” (Albert Einstein) I’m not always comfortable with the word, more. But in this case, I believe that those with the gift of being able to “think outside of the box” have an advantage in this world. In his early years Einstein was not considered to be a knowledgeable person, but he had the gift of being able to “see” what others could not. ;-) Jack – from the blog

Like Jack, I have a bit of a problem with Einstein’s statement, if it is interpreted to denigrate knowledge. I think knowledge and wisdom (assimilated knowledge in my book) are important, too. I do agree that the ability to think and see outside of one’s comfort zone and maybe outside accepted commonly accepted “knowledge” is a key to being able to make progress. In our industry some have perhaps pushed too far outside of accepted practices and ventured into the land of fraud. It’s always interesting to me how the fraudsters keep claiming right up to their convictions that what they were doing was not illegal, just a stretch of the accepted boundaries.

These days we all need to be extra cautious and look at new things that are being introduced in real estate with a somewhat jaundiced eye, since so many new approached to dealing with shot sales and foreclosures are suspect. Pushing the bounds of ethics is bad enough, which too many are doing these days; however, venturing into outright fraud seems all too tempting to all too many.
It seems to me that we all have a big enough challenge trying to come up with new and better ways to market the normal owner-occupied sales that we are trying to make without wasting the time and taking the risks involved with coming up with new ways to game the system on short sales or foreclosures. We do need some new ideas to somehow prod a moribund move-up market back to life, at least in my area.

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