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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A new member of the family...

Over the weekend Carolyn and I welcomed a new member to our family here is Milford - Sadie.

We went to the Pet-a-palooza at the Detroit Zoo. We left thinking maybe we'd find a male, lab puppy and came home with a 4 year old, female, German Short Hair Pointer - go figure. Actually she adopted us, or at least Carolyn, while we were looking around.

Sadie (our name for her) is a real sweetheart. She's basically pretty laid-back, but he does have lots of energy, which means lots of walks each day. I'll definitely get my exercise with her. We've taken her to the bark park a coupe of times and let her run. She runs herself out eventually and then sleeps really well that night.

Being a hound, she can be a hand full to walk. She's constantly finding scents to track or seeing squirrels that need to be reminded that they should be up in the trees. I got one of the new head halter leads for her and that solved the pulling issues immediately. I highly recommend them.

So, say hello to Sadie; the newest member of our little Milford family.

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