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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fund raisers for a unique food pantry…

This is a time of the year when there are numerous fund raising activities going on. There are a couple of fundraising activities in the local Huron Valley area that are particularly worthy of note because of the unique charity that they support.

Our area, like most areas in the country these days, has quite a few families who are dealing with hardship and are unable to properly feed the family. We are blessed to have the Community Sharing Outreach Center Food Pantry in Highland to help those families with free food. Carolyn and I always ask the attendees at our annual Real Estate One Christmas party to bring food to donate to the Food Pantry and always have several bags to take in after the party.

Some time ago the people at Community Sharing noticed that some of their supported families were sharing what little they had with their family pets, because they couldn’t afford to feed them either. So, the Community Sharing people started a Pet Food Pantry, which they believe is unique in MIchigan and maybe in the country. Local vets and pet owners in the community immediately began supporting the effort to help feed family pets. Peter Barnes and Julie Hass, owners of Veterinary Care Specialists became especially committed to seeing this effort succeed and have spearheaded a couple of local fund raising efforts.

A committee was formed to create a calendar for 2012 that features the pets of local business owners, each of whom donated to have their pets featured in the calendar. Carlos Allison of The Digital Document Store in Milford donated the printing of the calendar and several merchants agreed to carry the calendar. All of the proceeds from the sale of the calendar go directly to support the Community Sharing Pet Food Pantry. Calendars are $6 each or $5 apiece for 10 or more.

The next fund raiser is upcoming – getting your pet’s picture taken with Santa. This event will be held on Dec 3rd and the 10th at the Pettibone Creek Powerhouse, aka. the Milford Powerhouse, at 225 West Liberty St in Milford (Google Map that, so you can find it). This event is also sponsored by Veterinary Care Specialists and supported by Friends of the Powerhouse. For a donation of pet food or cash, you’ll get a nice picture of your pet with Santa and the digital file of that picture. You can take that picture file to The Digital Document Store (DDS) in Milford and they’ll turn it into Christmas cards for you to send out. DDS owner, Carlos Allison, will donate 10% of the proceeds from each specially priced card printing order to the Pet Food Pantry.

To find out more about the Pet Calendar and the Santa Paws pictures with Santa event
s, visit my web site – – and click on the pictures for both on the right hand side of the home page.

If you’d like to support this worthy and unique cause, please send donations to Community Sharing Outreach Center, PO Box 405, Highland, Michigan 48357. Let them know if your donation is for the Pet Food Pantry only and let them know that you heard about it here and/or on my Move to Milford web site. If you are local, buy a calendar at any of these locations and then plan on getting your pet’s picture taken with Santa on the 3rd or 19th of December – it’s fun and supports a great cause.

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