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Friday, December 23, 2011

FInd your confidence...

“All we need is confidence.” (Charlie Brown). I like this little saying that was on the Jack’s Winning Words Blog on Thursday.

If there’s one thing that holds back many new agents it’s the lack of confidence in themselves. They tend to get into the mindset that they’ll make a fool of themselves in front of potential customers if they don’t know everything. So, that lack of confidence paralyzes them into inactivity.

In my mentoring role for new agents in our office, I try to help them see a way out of this dilemma by having them develop presentations (listing or new buyer) that focus more upon the strength of the company that they work for and the support team that is standing behind them. I get them to understand that it’s OK to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out” and to explain how our company team supports new agents. It is relatively easy to turn what might have been an uncomfortable negative situation into a strength that actually benefits the client.

So the thing to do, especially when just getting started in the business, is to focus the client upon the strength of the company that you are a part of rather then just on your individual skills or experience. If you have confidence in your company and the people available to support you and answer questions for you, that confidence will show through in your presentations in front of clients. If you find that you really don’t have that support structure in your company, maybe you’re in the wrong company.

Happy Holidays to all!

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