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Monday, March 26, 2012

Growing Again in Milford - South Town Market debuts!

Today the South Town Market opened at 211 S. Main St in Milford and its opening is significant for several reasons.
First, it is a new business in what is referred to as "South Milford" the business district that is south of the Huron River. Ironically this are was the original business district for the Village of Milford, before the district shifted primarily to the north side of the river sometime in the mid 1800s.
In the second place it opened in the building that used to house the old Colonial Motors, which was a Milford institution for many many years; but, which failed in the recent recession, leaving a big empty space in South Milford.
Third, it is the entrepreneurial brainchild of Lisa Detkowski and her husband and houses a bunch of independent small merchants, giving each a space in which to do business. It truly is an incubator for several small start-ups. The focus is on locally made products, moistly foods right now, but scheduled to expand into many other areas.
In addition to the various displays of local food stuffs inside there is the Huron Valley Rustics furniture display, both inside and out. Lisa’s husband makes the furniture on-site in a rear work area, so you can’t get any more local than that. Check out the various pieces of “rustic” lawn furniture on display.
I wish the Detkowskis luck in their new venture and encourage everyone to plan to visit soon and often. Lisa says many more local artisans are lined up to bring their wares in soon. She is also planning a tasting bar for the specialty teas and baked goods that will be sold in the South Town Market. Check it out – Recommended!

For more on the South Town Market go to their Web site  or call Lisa Detkowski, the Marketing Director, at 248-714-5503, for information about how to get your local products into Milford's South Town Market.

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