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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Houdini Dog

You know those ads for the postal service where the scary Gnome is across the room and then, magically, is right there in the doorway – reminiscent of scenes from more than one scary movie about dolls. Well my dog Sadie is like that some times. One minute she is in her fenced in enclosure and the next she is standing next to you wagging her tail.

I bought an “escape-proof” five-point harness for her a few months back and she escaped from it three times before I could get the fencing put in to “hold” her. When we last took her in for grooming the folks at Club Pet told us that she has learned how to work the latches and open the doors there to let herself into or out of various areas. Spooky!

 Pretty soon, I’ll be wheeling her around on a dolly, all trusted up like Hannibal Lector in “Silence of the Lambs”, but we all know how that ended up. One of my "friends" at work suggested concertina wire for the top of the enclosure, but I suspect that the Village would have issues with that and it probably wouldn't hold her anyway.

 It would be spooky if it weren’t so darn funny sometimes – but it’s still scary. She can get out of anything. Most of the time she just runs off and we get a call from somewhere in town that someone has her. I bought her a couple of tags that tend to stay with her that basically say – “Hi, my name is Sadie and I don’t belong here. Please call my owners to come get me.”
She’s so friendly that she stops to be petted by anyone she encounters and she will hop into the car with anyone that opens the door. The Milford Police have brought her home enough to kow where she lives. Since we got her as a rescue dog last September, we often wonder if that’s how she ended up at the pound – running free and finally picked up by animal control.
My concern is that she is also oblivious to traffic when she’s running around loose and has been captured at The Milford House and by the waterfall at the Mill Valley complex. For some reason she likes to go downtown when she’s loose. She does have a computer chip in her.  We had that put in the first time she escaped. So, if a vet ends up with her we’d probably get a call.
So if you see Sadie running around Milford, please get control of her and give us a call – the numbers are on the tags. She’ll sit there and let you pet her until we arrive. Thanks in advance.

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