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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Real Estate Sales Statistics for the Milford, Michigan Area

 For those readers who might be new to this blog, a little commercial, if you will. I am a full-service Realtor working out of the Milford office of Real Estate One - Michigan's largest real estate company. I primarily deal in residential real estate; although I do have some commercial real estate listings. I list homes for sale and help buyers find homes.
I also track the local markets in the markets in which I focus, which is in the immediate vicinity of Milford, Michigan on a weekly basis. Specifically I do business in and  track weekly real estate sales in Milford (Village and Township), Highland Township, White Lake Township, Commerce Township (including Walled Lake Village and the Village of and Wolverine Lake), West Bloomfield Township, Lyon Township (including the City of South Lyon) in Oakland County; plus the Livingston County Townships of Green Oak, Brighton (Including the City of Brighton) and Hartland.

The statistics that are available on my web site for those markets include the listed and sold prices (including the calculated percentage of asking that the place actually sold for), the State Equalized Value (SEV) and the calculated SEV multiplier, the number of days that the house was on the market, the listed square footage of the house and the asked and sold cost per Sq Ft. Those are important statistics that you can use to gauge the markets and determine where a house that you are looking in one of those markets fits in - above or below the averages.

I have been doing this tracking for some time, so the site also contains at least three years worth of data on each market (the data on some of the markets goes back 5 years). I hope you will visit my site and take a look at that data. While you're there you can also learn all about the Milford, Michigan area and see what's going on in the community with a calendar of events that is updated daily. My site also has a link to the Search function on the Real Estate One corporate web site. That is probably the best place to use for a home search, since it is updated several times a day and aggregates the listings from all of the surrounding MLS's. Many national sites are out of date by the time you do your search.
I hope that you will visit this blog frequently. I try to do new posts 3-4 times a week. I also encourage you to visit my Move To Milford web site. If you (or someone you know) are experiencing difficulties keeping up with your home mortgage and trying to figure out what to do, I also run a web site called that can explain the short-sale process and why that may be your best option. I honesty hope that you don't have to go there; but going there is way better than letting your home slide into foreclosure.

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