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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Get into the 4th of July Parade in Milford...

The Milford Historical Society invites you to participate in the 2014 Independence Day Parade. Our Parade will be held at 11:00 A.M. on Friday, July 4rd.   As you know this Parade is an opportunity for business and individuals to “Toot Their Horn” and show community spirit at the same time.  The Parade will begin in downtown Milford and end at Huron Street. Participants can begin staging in designated areas by 10:00 A.M.  Below is a link to the Application for the parade.  Please complete and send  or fax back.

The theme for the Parade will be:
                                               Our  Milford,
    “A Small Village with a Big Heart”   

            We ask that your float, music or demonstration somehow relate to the theme through the use of colors, etc.
            To participate in this year’s Parade, please fill out the attached form and return to the address below, with a stamped, self-addressed envelope so we may mail back to you your assigned parade spot.
            We will be mailing back to you, in the envelope you have provided, confirmation of your placement in the Parade.
            If you have any questions, or require additional information, please feel free to contact me.
            In order to offset the rising cost of running the parade we are asking business participants to consider also including a donation to the Milford Historical Society with your application. Your donations of $10 – $50 will help keep the Independence Day parade going. Thanks

Katherine and Russ Rheaume, Parade Coordinators
PO Box 685
Milford, MI 48381-0685
248-684-7373      248-684-0070  Fax   Email

The Milford Historical Society Independence Parade is an entertainment event.
It is geared for both businesses and families to show off our town and support this
great country where we live.

*    All vehicles towing floats should be driven with a clear path of vision.  People
walking along side should help with keeping children from stepping in front of the vehicle and getting injured..

      *    The Parade line up will be mailed or e-mailed about a week before the event..
We ask that each participant respond by phone, E-mail, etc. that they have received their Parade Spot Number at that time.

      *     Entry themes or props must not be based on controversial, political or social       
issues  Naturally, no alcoholic beverages or banned drugs are allowed.
      *     Parade participants are permitted to distribute material while going down the
parade route.  Absolutely nothing including candies, toys can be THROWN
at the parade viewers.  Michigan State Law prohibits throwing items in a parade.
Please hand these items to the parade participants. We don’t want anyone hurt while running into the traffic to pick up items off the ground.
*    Please do not leave any large gaps between your float and the one in front.
The Parade is usually video taped and video copies are shown to the community and nursing homes throughout the year.  Large gaps destroy the continuity of the
parade.  We suggest no more than 20 feet exist between each exhibit.

       *   An announcer will be reading your provided script promoting your exhibit as you    
pass by.

       *   Milford Historical Society volunteers wearing MHS T-Shirts will be situated all     
            along the route to assist and answer any questions that arise.

 *   We encourage animals in the Parade, but insist that they not be dangerous and are
properly trained to be among people while leashed, ridden, hooked up, etc.

      *     The Milford Historical Society reserves the right to restrict, limit, accept or reject
       any exhibit application.

       *    Our goal is to have everyone go home after the event with fond memories of
 a Parade well done in a safe, fun  and interesting manner

Click here to get the parade application. Print it out and return it (see address above) or Fax it in (248-684-0070) to reserve your spot in the 2014 Independence Day Parade on July 4th.

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