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Monday, November 21, 2016

Physicians Loans - Just the right prescription for a new doctor

Some time ago I wrote about a special program for newly minted doctors that allow them to get a
home loan right as they get out of med school. These special doctors’ loans are aimed at the interns who are completing their internships and about to launch into their careers. What makes them special is that they discount the huge student loan debt and start-up costs that doctors incur at the start of their career and focus instead on the fact that doctors have historically been good credit risks. So, these loans are extended to new doctors to allow them to buy their first home as they establish themselves in their new careers.

The doctors’ loan programs have been updated since I wrote that piece and there is a great update about the program at this site -

This is a great program for new doctors; and, remember that I can help you find that new home, if you are looking in the Southeastern Michigan areas of Oakland, Livingston and Macomb Counties. Give me a call or send a text or email and let’s find you a new home- doctor.

Norm Werner, Realtor
Cell: 248-763-2497

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