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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Back in business

OK, it's back and I'm happy. I got my computer back this morning and it seems to be working fine. I've spent the better part of the rest of the day re-installing applications and updating them. It's amazing how many apps I've got that I need on a fairly constant basis. It's also amazing how dependent I've become on this thing!So, anyway, I'm happy and I'm back to being able to do business at a full-strength level.

I had the additional frustration at the end of last week of having to re-schedule a closing for the second time because Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb - the title company and the mortgage company in this deal - can't seem to figure out how to talk to each other. I spent the better part of three days trying to get through to the title company people, calling every 1/2 hour and leaving voicemail messages, with almost no results. The bank people reported the same issue. Of course the title company people reported to me that they couldn't get the bank people to answer their calls either. I have no idea why these people feel that they can just ignore voice mails and emails and stay in business. Maybe they won't; and, in this case that might be a good thing. There is no excuse for this level of lack of professionalism or even common courtesy.

Also at the end of the week, I had the disappointment of missing out on a bank repo house because it took too long to get my buyer pre-qualified for the mortgage - or so it seemed. The bank repo market is sort of the wild west of real estate right now, with things happening fast and furious and "buyers" occasionally magically appearing out of the woodwork, right after a legitimate offer has been made. I guess it's just part of the real estate landscape.

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