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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

They will look...

Trust me, they will look in your closets.

Many home sellers have a sort of “sweep it under the rug” mentality when it comes to getting ready for showings. Of course no one really hides things under the rug…they throw it in a closet. I guess they think that somehow things will be safely hidden if they are just tossed into a nearby closet. Of course they are wrong. The buyers will open that closet and they will see the junk that is just tossed in there and they’ll know what you did. They will not be impressed.

In the market that we find ourselves in today, every little things counts, because there are just too many homes available to have to “put up with” almost anything that the buyer doesn’t like, which all too often includes dirty or cluttered homes. Disheveled closets are just an indicator to home buyers that the person who lives there may not care enough to do other things right, too.

So, get your stuff together and get organized. If you need to buy a closet organizer to accomplish this task, do it. It is worth the money to give your place the neat and clean look that will ensue. There is even a new system called Rotabob that uses a tracked system similar to those found in dry cleaners to move your stuff around in the closet and make everything reachable. Go to for more on that.

The point is that people get turned off if they open a closet door and your junk attacks them. They don’t give you points if they can’t even walk into your walk-in closet because your shoes and junk are all over the floor. And, they really don’t care if you’ve cleaned all of your sports equipment junk out of the kid’s bedrooms, if it falls out on them when they open a basement door. Trust me, they will open the closet doors. They want to see storage space, not a mountain of your stuff.

If you have a bunch stuff lying around the house (off season sports equipment, out of season clothes, whatever), go rent a storage unit somewhere. The small amount that you spend for a few months of storage, in order to get your stuff out of the house, will pay off in a quicker sale. Just put the out of season stuff there and you’ll be surprised how mush bigger and cleaner your house will feel to the buyers and to you.

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