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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I usually don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, since I have been so seldom able to keep them in the past; but, hope springs eternal so here goes:

1. I resolve to have and display a more positive attitude in life and in business. It is just too easy these days to fall into the “woe is me” trap of negativism. It’s a tough market, but people are still buying and selling houses, so there’s lots of opportunity.

2. I resolve to do a better job of following up with the people who contact me. I’ve been pretty good at that, but there is a whole group of people that I got as Internet leads that I need to do a better job with in 2008. So, expect a phone call soon people – you know who you are.

3. I resolve to do more prospecting in 2008. Prospecting – meeting people through various means – is the lifeblood of any successful business and I need to explore new and more productive ways of finding more listing and buyer customers. I may even go door-to-door in the Milford area this year.

4. I resolve to implement more and better systems this year. I’ve had a few systems in place for lead tracking and contact management, but I need more to do a better job of managing other aspects on my business. Getting things organized into systems and then maintaining those systems throughout the year is sure to free up more time for prospecting and other important things.

5. I resolve to do a better job of prioritizing in 2008. There are just so many things that one can spend time on in real estate that it is easy to always be busy and yet never get all of the important things done. That is a matter of priorities.

I suppose that I could keep going, but let’s be honest, the longer the list the less likelihood that I’d get to most things. It’ll be hard enough just keeping these 5 resolutions. Hopefully, if I can only keep one it would be the first one, since that will help with all the rest anyway.

Here’s hoping that you and your family have a Happy New Year. If a new home in southeastern Michigan is in your plans, give me a call. Remember that I’ll be doing a better job of following up and I’ll make sure that you get into my new contact tracking system. Then, I’ll resolve to find you just the right new home. My new motto is, “Things will be great in ‘08”. How’s that for a positive attitude? Now, it’s out the door to start digging out from the 8-10 inch snowfall that we had last night. My wife would say, “it sure is pretty.” Maybe that’s what I’ll be mumbling under my breath today, as my new positive attitude faces it’s first challenge of the new year.

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