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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Does Pleasantville really exist?

It snowed this morning in my area and it's cold; both of those things are likely to disrupt some family plans for many people in the area, but they kind of come with the territory in Michigan. It did getting me wondering, however, where in the United States would be the best place to live to terms of not having to deal or put up with natures interruptions - whether and other natural phenomena. In other words, what's the most benign place in the Continental United States, so far as Mother Nature goes.

Is there a place where it might rain, but there are never severe thunderstorms or tornadoes or hurricanes? Is there a place without floods and earthquakes and wildfires? Is there a location where one doesn't have to worry about volcanoes erupting or foot deep snow falls? A place where the weather doesn't have to always be the same, but in which the weather is never a threat to life or the quality of life?

I suppose you could call this mythical place Pleasantville, since it would generally always be pleasant there. It might even be boring, I suppose; but at least mother nature wouldn't always be throwing you curves and natural disasters. I suspect that it would have to be on the interior, since the coast almost always get severe weather or one sort or another. I'd guess it won't be in the great plains and Midwest, since tornado alley is there. And certainly not in the northern states where snow is a way of life. It could be that the only place like this is in the high desert out west somewhere, but I'd have to think about whether the heat there would still be considered a major annoyance.

Let me know where you think Pleasantville might be located.

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