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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Laugh and stay young...

One of my clients sent me this - Life is what you make it. We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing!! So, remember to laugh....just for the HEALTH of it!

What a great thought for the day. Humor and laughter have always been a big part of my life. I may even ask my wife to have them inscribe on my tombstone – “He made me laugh.” I’ve used humor all of my life to disarm threatening situations (real or imagined) and to get through life’s little rough spots. Humor probably comes in a close second to faith as a mainstay for me in dealing with the tough things in life. I’ve also tried to make those around me laugh, too. Sometimes a quick wit coupled with a fast tongue and can one into trouble, when a quip or retort is not well enough thought out, before being blurted out; but that’s the price one pays on occasion. I have also tried, with age, to temper a wit that was a bit caustic at times. Some of that still comes through in posts here. Then, I go off and stare at my green dot some more.

The other part of the saying above, it seems to me, is also true. We all seem to lose most of our ability to play as we grow older. We become way too serious about ourselves and about life. There is something magical about how children play – with abandon and enthusiasm. That becomes nearly impossible later in life as self-conscientiousness takes over and limits our ability to just let ourselves go. It’s funny, though, how you’ll occasionally see an old person doing something sort of absurd and they’ll tell you, “I’m too old to care what you think,” and go on having whatever good time they are enjoying. They have recaptured the ability to play.

So play and laugh and have a better day. Life is way too short to be serious all the time. You need play and laughter to be healthy, just like you need exercise and sleep. And, like I said in yesterday’s post - Don’t worry, be happy!

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