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Saturday, May 24, 2008

In pain in Milford...

It's Memorial Day weekend and that means several things in Milford. One - it's finally time to plant. You can't trust the Michigan weather until at least Memorial Day, and sometimes not even then. I played golf in 40 degree, see-your-breath weather this morning. Then it was home and time to plant. My wife and I bought lots and lots of flats of annuals during the week and this is the weekend to get them in. That means a lot of sore muscles and knees and almost everything else (when you get my age).

Two -It's bunting weekend - the time to get the patriotic bunting out and get it on the house. We have a big wrap-around front porch, so it gets bunted on three sides. One just doesn't bunt before Memorial Day weekend. It would be like wearing the full Cleveland look of white pants, white belt and white patten leather shoes before Memorial Day - it just isn't done. For women this weekend marks the time when wearing summer white is OK, even though I've noticed quite a few examples of early white faux pas.

Three - In Milford, this is also the weekend for my wife's favorite parade the Memorial day parade of veterans. Every year the local VFW sponsors a parade that includes lots of military vehicles, marching bands and fly-overs by the local air national guard and by the Confederate Air Force - a local group that preserve and fly WWII planes. Of course the local vets march, too, usually about 1,000 strong and representing all of the wars and military actions since WWII. My wife likes the fly-overs and the fact that this is the only non-commercial parade of the year. Usually we have 3,000 - 4,000 people turn out to line the parade route and cheer for the vets as they march by. I've marched in it the last few years (I'm a Viet Nam vet).

So. there's lots to get done and to do this weekend. In addition., I'm showing houses, too. Realtors never really get time off, just times when no one wants to see a house. It's in those times that lots of flowers will get planted. Have great three day weekend!

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