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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The 300th post milestone

Actually I'm not sure that anyone else in the civilized world cares, or would even call this a milestone, but this is my 300th post. I suppose it would be more appropriate to celebrate one's 365th post, since that would seem to indicate a full year's worth of postings; however, since I don't post here every single day, that would be misleading. I looked back, because I have forgotten when I started and June 11th will be my one year anniversary here on BlogSpot. It's been an interesting year with likely about 1/4 of my posts somehow centered around foreclosures and the impact that they've had on the real estate market locally - not good.

I've taken a lot of good posts from the Jack's Winning Words blog as starting points for my musings and I've picked up lots of good stuff from the various news feeds that I get daily. I've had some fun with a few topics and went off on a few rants, but all-in-all it's been a very interesting and rewarding experience. I suppose that there's a little writer in all of us (some might say that I have very little in me), so this vehicle has served and an outlet for my urge to write.

I can't say that having this blog has generated any real estate business for me directly, but I can report that many of the people who apparently read it regularly have either personally commented to me about it or sent me emails. Thanks for the support and generally kind words. I promise to get back "on message" (whatever that is) tomorrow. For now, let's just all ponder the irony of using a picture of a pen and paper to illustrate a blog posting.

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