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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy to be back

After a couple of days in Internet limbo, my sites finally got up and going again yesterday afternoon. It was more than just disconcerting that that were down. A portion of my real estate business is driven by people being able to find me through my Web sites. If you Google Milford Michigan, for instance, my site comes up on the first results page. So people who are moving into the area from out of state or from elsewhere in Michigan would find me through that site. If you Google either "Realtor Milford Michigan" or "Realty Milford Michigan", my site comes up on the first result page, so people find me that way. If you Google "Michigan Home Buyer", my site comes up on the first page of results, so people find me that way. So, having my sites up and available for people to go to is important to my business.

I also maintain the web site for the Milford Historical Society - - and that is certainly important to many local people and serves as a good source of information about Milford and its history. Finally, I do the church web site for Holy Spirit Lutheran Church of West Bloomfield - - and that is important to the people in the congregation in order to keep up with what's going on in the church. The outage occurred just as I was trying to do the May to June update for the church site, so I missed the first weekend of the month. Fortunately, most people made it to church anyway. I guess God doesn't need to Google anybody.

So, I'm back on the air, so to speak. Doing this blog is sort of a fun thing for me. The Web sites are fun to, but do involve a bit more work to maintain, especially the weekly real estate statistics that I track for my market area. I invite one and all to visit my sites and let me know what you think of them and what I might add or change to make them even more useful.

I see old (obviously, now obsolete) political signs for Ron Paul that state - "Go ahead, Google him". Well I guess you can go ahead and Google me too, or at least my sites. If you Google me, use "Norm Werner", since that's how I show up on most sites.

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