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Monday, June 2, 2008

Crashing and burning on the Internet

I've effectively been off the Internet for three days now - at least my Web sites have been. My Web hosting company - - apparently suffered a catastrophic event at the building where the host servers are located. Reportedly, a fire somewhere in the building or vicinity took out several large transformers, thus plunging lowesthosting and several other companies in that data center into the dark and throwing an estimated 7,500 Web sites from over 5,000 companies off the air.

This whole ordeal was made worse by the total lack of communications from the company and by the inability to get any messages through to them. I first noticed it while I was trying to update one of my sites. Then I discovered that I couldn't see any of my sites. Not only that, but emails to the support staff were bounced. A bad situation. I rummaged around on the web for a while, trying to find anything out about what might be going on. Was LowestHosting out of business? Were they under some sort of Denial of Service attack? what was happening. Finally I hit a web hosting forum site and signed on. There I read the string that was posted about the fire and the resulting chaos at lowesthosting and other companies that used the impacted data center.

At least I know now what happened and is still happening - three days and still waiting. I began to fell like I should look into a more professional company for my web hosting - one that has a plan for back up and recovery should something like this happen again. One would be hard pressed to find a cheaper deal on web hosting, but cheap isn't cheap if it isn't working. The postings on the web hosting forum stated that things should be up and running again today. Let's hope. Then i can focus up finding a more reliable hosting site.

All I say to loyal users of my various web site is stick with me, I hope we'll be back up soon.

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