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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To find the answers, look in the right places

How do sales this year compare to past years? Where can you find out what's sold in your area? What's the trend, if any in sales of distressed houses - foreclosed or short sales? What's the average percentage of sale price as compared to asking price min my area? How do the current SEV values equate to the sale prices in this area? What's the average cost per square foot of homes that have sold in this area?

Those are all valid questions to seek answer s to, if you are looking for a house or if you plan to try to sell a house. But, where are you going to find the answers?

If you happen to be looking (or looking to sell) in the 6 townships that I focus upon in southeastern Michigan, you can find those answers here. I take the time each week to update the statistics that I keep about sales in Milford, Highland, Commerce, White Lake, Lyon and Brighton Townships in Oakland and Livingston Counties. My Move to Milford Web site has those statistics and much more information and data and charts about the markets in those areas.

If you happen to be thinking of moving into the Milford area, I know of no better place to go for information about the Village of Milford and surrounding communities. If it's something about Milford or something going on in Milford, it's probably somewhere on this site.

So visit my Move to Milford site for all of those answers and more. You can also get to the same information off my Milford Team Web site. For first-time buyers, I have a special Web site just for you that has lots of helpful information to make your first home buying experience easier and hopefully better - MI Home Buyers. You can search for homes on any of these sites.

And for those who unfortunately find themselves between a rock and a hard place, I have a MI Short Sales site with information about the short sale and foreclosure processes. Foreclosures have dropped dramatically as a percentage of sales; however, short sales now make up a large percentage of the distressed sales. This site has information about the Federal programs for distressed homeowners, as well as helpful information for those who need to throw in the towel.

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