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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hapenings in Milford...

There's lots going on in the Milford area and there's a great place to keep track of community events that are coming up - the Move To Milford web site. The next big thing is Ladies Nite Out in MIlford, which is coming tomorrow night - April 26. This bi-annual event is always a fun time and this year there will be a shuttle available to transport ladies to the South Town Market in south Milford to enjoy the chocolates, teas and oither goodies that are featured there. Don't miss that, ladies. And check out the new Downtown Clothes store in the Center Street Mall on Main

I've set up a whole column on the home page just for upcoming community events, so go visit. I've also created a mobile version of the site that is oriented to the smaller screen of smartphones and makes it readable and easy to navigate. Check that out, too.

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