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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Some TV time is better than no TV time...

Oops! The initial report that I got which said that Channel 2 The Fox Network was going to broadcast our parade has proven to be inaccurate. They are going to tape segments of the parade to be used on Fox 2 News tonight. Oh, well, some exposure is better than no exposure at all. So look for us on the news tonight on Channel 2.

This will be one of our bigger parades of the year, with over 70 entries. Lots of politicians will be out, which might add some hot air to an already warm day. Bring your umbrellas (to shield yourself from the sun; there'll be no rain on the parade) and your bottled water to stay hydrated; but please don't bring your dog downtown, it will be way too crowded and hot for them. You might want to bring a little bag for the kids to put candy into when they get it.

The theme of this year’s parade is “Milford, Our Little Slice of Heaven”; however, with the passing of Andy Griffith, I couldn’t help but think of Milford as our own little Mayberry. Andy patterned the Mayberry setting for his show about a small town Sheriff after his home town of Mounty Airy, SC; however, I’m sure that he would have immediately related to Milford in a similar way.

Enjoy the parade today!

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