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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You can't fail if you don't try...

“Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.” (Victor Kiam) from Jack’s Winning Words, my favorite daily blog.

Apparently Victor Kiam was an optimist who believed in the power of positive thinking. We certainly have ample opportunities to apply this tidbit of positive thinking in our daily real estate lives. I suppose that as long as you’re down there (having fallen on your face) you could stop and smell the roses or admire the tenaciousness of an ant dragging something bigger than itself back to the nest; however, the best thing to do is probably to jump back up and try again at the thing that you just failed at – perhaps with a slightly different approach.  One doesn’t, after all, want to keep trying the exact thing over and over and expect different results each time. That’s insanity.

Kiam’s point was to stay positive and keep moving forward in the face of setbacks. It might also have been used to motivate someone to try and try again, instead of being frozen by fear of failure. I believe that there is another, more modern saying about that – If you’re’ not failing at something on a regular basis, you’re not trying hard enough - Stephen Kaufer, of Trip Advisor.

It is certainly more comfortable to settle into a safe daily routine that has few opportunities for failure; however, that is in itself a sure-fire receipt for long term failure. Taking risks, both personal and business risks, and stretching to try new things or new approaches to old things is the only sure path to growth as a person and in your business.

So go out and fall on your face today. You’ll be moving forward!

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