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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cheapest place in America to buy a house - right here in Michigan

OK, so that is a bit of a teaser headline, but it's true. The cheapest place in America (or at least in the 3,500 markets that were analyzed) to buy a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home is right here in the southeast Michigan area, as reported on RIS Media the large real estate new web site in the video referenced below.

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Well, how about that. Keep in mind that this report is not just based on the sale of distressed homes - foreclosure and short saled - but regular sales, too. You can just plain get a lot of house for the money in this market.

I find it interesting that the area mentioned in the video is also the area that our own company database indicates is the mostly likely place from which buyers in the Milford market will be coming. So I guess they sell their less expensive homes there and move to Milford when things get better.

This just goes to prove that there are still great deals on housing available if you know where to look. I can help with that. Many of the really inexpensive market areas in Wayne, Macomb and Oakland Counties are still offering great prices on very nice houses. You just need to be flexible on location to take advanatge of the best prices in decades in various markets in those areas.

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