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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wonderful site for history buffs...

I'm on the Board of Directors of the Milford Historical Society and active in the events that the Society puts on, as well as serving as the Community Outreach Committee Chairman. I also maintain the web site for the Society - .

Recently we have been trying to collect stories and pictures about Milford in the 20th Century, which we are planning on putting into a new history book about Milford, Michigan. The Society already has published one book entitled "Ten Minutes Ahead of the Rest of the World", which is a wonderful history of Milford from its founding up to the start of the 20th Century. The new book will document Milford's history from 1900 until 2000.

As part of the collection efforts we have solicited input from people who lived in Milford in the 20th Century. We arbitrarily decided to start in the middle of the century - the 1950's - and work our way towards both ends. We recently asked for inputs from people who might have gone through the Baker elementary School, which is scheduled to be demolished soon. That request lead to one of the respondents sending me the link to this web site.

The web site is a treasure trove of information about the history of Michigan. The site has pictures and stories about most ( I don't know if they claim to have them all yet) of the sites that have state historic markers in the State of Michigan. Those are the markers that you see along the road as you are traveling. Perhaps, like me, you occasionally stop to read one. Sometimes these markers are the only reminders left of some significant building or place in Michigan.

Locally there are groups, like the Questors and the Milford Historical Society who have placed historic marker signage on places and things of historical significance in Milford. See our web page on interpretive markers and another page on Historic Markers around Milford. Many of the local markers are the only vestige left of long gone mills that where the root of the name Milford.

We also have a page on our Historical Society Web page that is mainly for history buffs, so go there and enjoy exploring.

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