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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holidays a good time to sell

This is probably one of the best times of the year to have your house on the market. People love seeing other people's Holiday decorations and most homeowners have their houses looking their best for the season, especially if they expect to entertain over the holidays. Buyers are usually in a good mood this time of year and many in this area have the next couple of weeks off, so they have time to look.

If you're going to have house guests over the holiday's you may want to inform your listing agent that you might need extra warning time before a showing to get everyone out of the house. Adult guests will understand your need to show the house and you can make it a game for the children who might be visiting to help out getting things picked up in a hurry (hint - have a few "prizes" for the best helpers).

So, put a batch of Holiday cookies in the oven (baking cookie aroma is always recommended) and leave a plate out for visitors. Don't get paranoid about someone stealing all of your Christmas presents; the showing agent wouldn't let that happen. Turn on all of your Holiday lights (and regular lights. too) and put on the Christmas music on your stereo or Cable TV. remember to put a chair out, and a rug, if you're asking people to remove their shoes. If you have a safe gas fireplace, leave a fire burning for the visit. The inviting, warm and cozy feelings that people will get in your home might just be the key to them choosing your house. Maybe you'll find an offer in your stocking on Christmas morning. Now, that's worth Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-ing about.

Happy Holidays and happy home showing!

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