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Friday, December 14, 2007

Jack's winning words...

“Wise men talk, because they have something to say….fools, because they have to say something.” That little bit of wisdom, which is attributed to Plato, came from the daily post that I get from Pastor Jack Freed in his "Jack's Winning Words" blog here at BlogSpot - I read whatever thoughts Pastor Freed is sharing for the day the first thing every morning and most days the winning words have some impact on my day; or at least give one pause to think about them before setting out on the day.

Today's winning words got me to thinking about Blogging and whether or not I really have anything to say each day or just say something because I think that I should. I usually have some tidbit of news or insight that I think is worth sharing, much of it admittedly just my reactions to things going on around me in the real estate world. I suppose it is somewhat arrogant of me to believe that others care what I think about things and heaven knows that I've ranted about arrogance in real estate here.

So, I've decide to include in my list of New Year's Resolutions that I will take care to only post here when I have something of real interest to be shared, either about real estate topics locally or about issues like the economy that are impacting the real estate world. Of course regular readers will still have to suffer through topics that I think are of real interest that have absolutely no use for he rest of the world - sort of like this post.

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