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Monday, December 3, 2007

OK, no more XXXXScore emails please

I've posted the Drivescore and the Bikescore messages as comments to my original Walkscore posting; so, please, no more. There could be a Skateboardscore or a backflipscore or who knows what. These applications are basically all the same - they use Google maps and a set range (1-2 miles for walking, 4-5 miles for biking and who knows how far for driving) to determine what you could get to using whatever mode of transportation being scored. Most of them are posted by sites trying to use the apps as a way to attract visitors who will then be bombarded with advertisements - one way that the site generates revenues.

The walk score and the drive score made sense to me. The bike score not so much. Measuring what you can walk or dive to in terms of stores or venues seems logical. When considering bikers; however, I would assume that an application that shows whether the area in question has bike trails for mountain bikers would make more sense. Road bikers just need to see paved roads to be happy that there is someplace to ride. I don't know of too many people who actually ride their bikes to the grocery store and back, but I suppose that there could be a few.

So, enough already! No more "whatever score" sites are needed, as far as transportation modes are concerned. I already know (because they told me in their email) that the Fizber people intend to do a whole host of different score applications (they are responsible for the bike score thing, too). Perhaps there would be some value in a "Culture Score" site that looked around an area for things you could get to; like libraries, museums, cinemas, theaters and opera houses, etc. that support or enhance the culture of the area. I'm not sure that one should include the site of the monster truck races or the WWF wrestling arena on that list, but the term culture does vary a bit by area.

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