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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do only scoundrels run?

Have you noticed that it seems that only scoundrels and scumbags run for public office - at least according to the ads being run as we near the election. There doesn't seem to be an honest person among the candidates, or so their opponents claim. Some apparently have lied about lots of important things, whether it be about their backgrounds or their military service or whether they knew (or should have known) about some malfeasance by their campaign staffs. Others have apparently voted for stuff in Washington that many (or at least their opponents) feel is bad for us or associated too closely with people in Washington that some consider to be dangerous to the well being of America.

It's a a little hard to sort out the truth in the calliope of ads, all claiming the the other guy is a crook or worse. Occasionally it seems like one candidate or another will get close to actually saying something positive about what he/she might do in Washington, if elected; however, it appears to be bad form to be too specific, since someone might try to hold you accountable for those statement later and call you a liar if you do do those things.

Of course a number of ads by so-called political action committees or other groups who are not supposedly associated with one candidate or another, try to be helpful by pointing out which candidates are likely to threaten you family and your very way of life, if they are elected. As best as I can tell, if we elect any of these bozos we're in big trouble; but don't say you heard that here. The best thing that I can say about this election is thankfully it will be over soon and we can get back to our regularly scheduled ED and laxative or stop peeing so much ads. Some how crass ads about bodily functions will be an improvement over the slime that is being spread right now.

Even judges, all the way to the top state court judges, seem happy to wallow in the mud at this time of the year, which makes the fact that judges are elected on partisan ballots even more disturbing than it already is. I'm sure that not all politicians are scoundrels or scumbags, but it does seem that a fairly large number deserve the handle during the mean season of elections. Morals and ethics seem to take a back seat to the "do anything and say anything to win" mentality. Civility would seem to be fading in our society and it is being pushed into the background along with the truth, logic and honesty. It is fortunate for the politicians that these personal traits are not required to hold the offices they are seeking either.

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