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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans and real estate…

We tend to celebrate Veteran’s Day like many other holiday in America - with Sales at most stores, with some, but not all having the day off, and, oh, by the way, say “Thank You”, if you happen to meet a veteran today. That’s just how it is and I’m OK with that. Things are a whole lot better now than they were at the end of the Viet Nam War, when a Viet Nam vet on the street was as likely to get jeered as praised. We haven’t done that to our vets for a long while. I guess wars got more popular.

One thing we have done is to extend programs to veterans, some aimed at those who came
back wounded, that make home ownership a little bit easier. The VA Hospital situation was pretty bad for a long while, but now is getting better. The VA Loan program has always been there for returning vets, but has of recent become a bit more useful to them.

Veterans who qualify may find that they can buy a new home for little or no money down, at a very good interest rate and with no monthly cost for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). Click here to read a program flyer from John Adams Mortgage Company. Most mortgage companies, banks and brokers offer VA Loan programs. Most programs also limit the closing costs on the sale.

If the veteran has returned with severe war injuries that preclude holding a normal job or is declared by VA to be 100% disabled, there is also a program in Michigan to waive the property taxes on the home. That is often a savings of several thousand dollars a year. Click here to read about the Michigan Law concerning property taxes and disabled veterans.

If you are a recent veteran and perhaps new to the whole world of VA benefits, click here to go the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs web site. You can click here to go to the VA site and explore all of your benefits. There are many more things that you might qualify for then just real estate related items. You earned these benefits through you service, so don’t be shy about taking advantage of them. 

Good luck and thank you for your service (from one vet to another). 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Coming soon - The West Huron Valley Mathnasium

Coming soon to the Huron Valley – Mathnasium of West Huron Valley!

So, what the heck is a Mathnasium? It’s a facility and staff for tutoring young people in math and math alone. There is quite a story behind the founding of this focused tutoring operation, which now has franchises all over the world. You can click here to go to the headquarters site and view the video by founder Larry Matinek – click on his picture to view the video.

I’d equate this to a gymnasium with personal trainers. First they evaluate where you are starting from, what your current math skill level is; and then they design and implement a custom tutoring program to get you up to where you need to be or want to be. Most students start out testing below their current grade level, so an initial goal is to at least get there. There is no reason to stop there and getting ahead of your grade level might open up opportunities for advance placement programs and more. Once you get started on the program your “personal trainer” is there with you to implement the program and provide the tutoring and the motivation to succeed.

In this area, with the automotive industry’s heavy need for math savvy workers and engineers, a program like this is a must. It is also a must for those who wish to go on to college after high school. The Mathnasium will prepare the student for that step. When should a student start at the Mathnasium? As early as possible. There are programs for preschoolers to help build a foundation for math learning throughout their education; as well as programs at the elementary, middle and high school levels. The High School Mathnasium programs don’t go into the college- level subjects like Calculus; but rather students focus on higher math, mastering algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and probability in preparation for high school exit exams, college placement exams, and standardized college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT.

Who can benefit from a Mathnasium?

  • Any student who has fallen behind their grade level in math or who struggle to just to keep up.
  • Any student who dreams of a future in engineering, science or other math-intensive or math-based careers.
  • Anyone who is doing OK, but just OK in math; and, who would like to do better.
  • Those going into the sciences where math skills are a base-level skill that is assumed before actually studying the particular science.

  • Those planning on going on to college after high school.
    The Mathnasium of West Huron Valley is located in Milford at 512 Highland Avenue, Milford, MI 48381, in the Prospect Hill Shopping Center (the Kroger Store shopping center) between Suzanne’s Main Street Dance Centre and the Henry Ford eye glasses place. 
Jeffrey Levin is the Owner and director of the Mathnasium. Give him a call and ask about the free evaluations they he is offering during the opening of this location. Jeffrey tells me that they will be open soon, so now is a good time to get lined up for that evaluation.
To visit the web site for the Mathnasium of West Huron Valley click here or you can call them at (248) 676-2971. tell Jeff that you read about it here.