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Thursday, December 13, 2018

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Updating Your Older Home For The 21st Century written by Cassandra Ali
Just because your home was designed and built prior to the rise of mobile technology doesn't mean you have to live like a Luddite. It is entirely possible to keep the classic charm of your home while integrating modern systems into it. You simply need to prioritize what you want, take great care in avoiding compromising the period aesthetic of your home, and work with professionals who are willing to hope you modernize your older home.

Find subtle ways to integrate modern systems 

For some people, concerns about needing to install monitors and similar devices can keep them from updating their homes to include the newest technology. Thankfully, you no longer need a console to control your smart blinds, modern kitchen devices, thermostat, and other forms of home technology. Almost any new technology, from your garage door opener to your fridge, can work with apps that you control on a tablet or smartphone. That way, you can reduce the presence of screens in your home that may clash with the classic look of the architecture and design. If app control isn't an option, it may be possible to install control panels that you can hide when not in use or that look like older devices and technology. Subtle displays that meld into your home's d├ęcor will fit better than overt displays of modern technology.

Focus on efficiency, use, and design

Just because you can purchase a fridge that integrates with Amazon and reorders eggs when you use the last one doesn't mean you need to. Instead of jumping on every new technological advance, focus on the ones that matter to you. Whether it's an adjustable, programmable thermostat with a high-efficiency HVAC system, an updated and eco-friendly fireplace, or a home entertainment system that allows you to hear your music in any room, there are technological advances that you want and others you don't care for in your home. 

Prioritize your updates on the systems and functions you want or need in your home. Eschew those that will complicate the appearance of your home without contributing to the ease of your life. Unless you're selling your house, there's no need to upgrade appliances you already use and enjoy.
Modern technology in classic style in older homes can work together brilliantly. You simply need to take the time to plan carefully before upgrading any components of your home. Everything from household lighting to your appliances may benefit from an upgrade. Provided that you do adequate research, it is possible to get the upgrades you want without destroying the look or feel of your home