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Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Best Home Warranties on the Market

The following is a guest post by Amanda Turner, a freelance writer. Amanda will be contributing articles about various real estate topics here from time to time. Please welcome Amanda. 

Home Sweet Home Warranties: The Best Home Warranties on the Market

Home warranties are becoming more and more popular as safe and convenient options to take care of your home’s appliance maintenance that can occur through regular wear and tear. Typically, you have to go through the research of finding a reputable contractor for each individual issue that happens in your home, negotiate the price, and then make sure they do a quality job. With home warranties, you get the peace of mind of being able to simply pay a flat fee to have all of your home appliances taken care of by contractors that have already been vetted through the home warranty program, It’s as easy as submitting a ticket! Home warranties have become so popular that even real estate agents and home sellers have used home warranties as bargaining ships in landing a sale. Now, which home warranty do you choose? To get started on your research to find the best home warranty that’s right for you, take a look at these top picks.

American Home Shield

If you are looking for a great home warranty that allows you to fully customize exactly what you need to be covered in your warranty, then American Home Shield is a perfect option. You can choose from a selection of home warranty plans, plus have the option to build your own coverage. Be wary, however, one of the biggest drawbacks with American Home Shield is the list of negative reviews that lean towards a misunderstanding of coverage.

Select Home Warranty

The great thing about Select Home Warranty is the fact that they have no claim limits and their “per item” benefit limit is capped at $500 and $2,000 for each system. The drawbacks? You need to call them to get any type of pricing, which always leaves a bad taste in anyone’s mouth, and their contract has some pretty confusing verbiage. So be sure to get clarity on that.

Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty offers some of the most comprehensive home warranty plans on the market, even in their Basic Plans. What’s more? You can see how satisfied their customers are by the long list of positive customer reviews.

ACF Home Club

AFC Home Club is the perfect option for affordable coverage, and the great thing is they clearly list their home warranty plans and their cost. There is no variation depending on where you live! Take their reviews with a grain of salt, however, because even though they are mostly positive, it seems like their reviews are carefully monitored and not available everywhere.

First American

At only $28 a month, First American is by far the most affordable home warranty coverage you can buy. They stick to the basics, only covering appliances. So this is a great option if the bones of your home are in great shape, but you want to make sure your appliances are taken care of if something happens. While the service that First American is great, there are a couple of drawbacks. First, keep in mind that they do not serve in every state in the U.S. Second, keep in mind that their coverage is very minimal, only sticking to appliances, and they do not offer flexibility in their plans.